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This report examines the business operations of Learning From Losing A Customer Company. It is presently one of the biggest food-chains around the globe. Its organisation operations and products depict its vision of contributing its part to the advancement of a healthy world. It provides a variety of products to its consumers including family pet food, beverages, confectionary products, treats, dairy products, and food for infants. Utilizing various strategies, it pleases the needs of its various market sections. The food industry is likewise expected to expand in the coming years as the population of the world is expected to increase by one-third. This creates many opportunities for Learning From Losing A Customer to more broaden its business. Other than this, the use of innovation is also increasing in food processing industry which further develop opportunities for Learning From Losing A Customer. Drinks contribute the greatest to the total income of the company, following which, are the dairy items. Learning From Losing A Customer has a competitive benefit over its client in the department of research and advancement, as it is spending the most in this department in the food market. Its product packaging also gives it an edge over its consumers. Its marketing goals include becoming the biggest maker of dairy products, advancement in the emerging markets, advance the use of technology and development in the organic food market. The company plans to expand awareness among its clients and increase its client base from thirty-one percent to fifty percent. Though the risk of brand-new entrants and alternatives is high, Learning From Losing A Customer handles to remain among the leading and largest food cycle of the world since of its strategic preparation and effective usage of its Research and Advancement department.