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Female Health Company Case VRIO Analysis

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The VRIO analysis of Female Health Company Company is a broad range analysis providing the organization with an opportunity to obtain a feasible competitive advantage versus its rivals in the food and drink market, summed up in Exhibit I.


The resources used by the Female Health Company business are valuable for the company or not. Such as the resources like finance, human resources, management of operations and professionals in marketing. This are a few of the key important aspects of for the identification of competitive advantage.


The important resources made use of by Female Health Company are even rare or expensive. If these resources are typically found that it would be simpler for the rivals and the brand-new competitors in the market to effortlessly relocate competitors.


The imitation procedure is pricey for the competitors of Female Health Company Business. Nevertheless, it can be done just in two various techniques i.e. product duplication which is produced and produced by Female Health Company Company and introducing of the alternative of the products with switching cost. This increases the danger of interruption to the current structure of the market.


This part of VRIO analysis handle the compatibility of the business to place in the market making productive usage of its valuable resources which are challenging to imitate. Frequently, the advancement of management is totally depending on the company's execution method and group. Hence, this polishes the skills of the company by time based upon the choices made by firm for the development of its tactical capitals.

Exhibit I: VRIO Analysis​